Eliza is home!

After an entire year of hospitalization, including major heart surgery and an airway surgery to correct breathing issues, Eliza is home!

It was an honor to film and photograph this time for Jess and Brian. They have waited so long to bring their sweet girl home and, many times, thought the day would never come.

Now nestled in with her parents and brothers, Eliza is already developing new skills and her personality just shines.

Yet, it's still a long road ahead for Eliza and her family, managing her health complications related to Down's Syndrome.

Much of their day, every day, is devoted to Eliza's medical care.

There will be many visits to specialists and therapists in the coming year, including trips back to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, where Eliza had her airway surgery. Eliza will continue to need prescriptions and medical supplies to help her grow and thrive. 

One way you can help Eliza's family with these expenses is to mention "Eliza" when you book your own family film to donate 30% towards her medical expenses.

Jess and Brian's family is one full of faith, courage, and love. Spending the morning with them, to collect and preserve these memories of Eliza's first days at home, with motion and sound, was a joy.

This film is a celebration of Eliza's life, her homecoming, and the love her family shares, both with her and for her. My hope, is that in the years to come, they'll look back, and see how far they've come.

Contact me for more information on how you can support Eliza's family by donating 30% through booking your own family film, or go ahead and book your family's film now to help with Eliza's medical expenses. 

I travel with no added travel expense. Reach out to me for more details.