Eliza's Family

Sometimes people tell me that photos in their home would be "boring" or that their house wouldn't be a pretty backdrop.

I disagree.

I believe there is something truly magical about photos of your family, taken in your own home, doing the things you normally do. 

I believe the details in the setting of your house will take you back to this time and revive sweet memories you've forgotten, every time you look at them.

I believe the little interactions within your family scream love. (And I can see them, even if you're not sure you can.)

During Eliza's Film Session, I also photographed her family. After a year of hospitalization, Eliza is finally home, and the beautiful connections they share definitely scream love.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from their family film session.

One way you can help Eliza's family with her continuing medical costs is to mention "Eliza" when you book your own family film to donate 30% towards these expenses. Contact me to find out how, or go ahead and book your family's film now to assist them.

See Eliza's Film HERE.