What Matters

This fall has been a tough one for my family. My husband and I have had busy work schedules, and between the boys’ school and after-school commitments, sometimes it’s felt as if I couldn’t catch my breath. Can you relate?

In all the running from place to place, reviewing spelling words and Spanish vocab, and making sure lunches are packed every day, the weeks have flown by, with weekends whipping even faster.

When my husband’s uncle invited us to go fishing for the day, we knew that was exactly what our family needed to slow down. We spent the day together, refocusing and remembering what matters, and it was wonderful.  

I’m so incredibly thankful to have memories of...

my sons’ sweet voices.

their cuddles.

my husband’s laughter.

his uncle’s kind expertise.

the joy of spending time together as a family (even though we’re pretty terrible fishers).

and the way the light moved across it all.

Reach out to me to book your own family film or photo session. I'd love to help you slow down and hold onto the times you cherish in your life.