Melissa + James's Family

We so often think, I'd love to have a documentary-style photo session, BUT...

My house is so dark.

And it's definitely not "magazine-clean".

Plus, I have no idea what we'd even do. 

And I get it. I really do. Five years ago, I would have had those same fears.

Melissa did not. She knew, from the moment she contacted me, that she wanted photographs of her real life. She was wise enough to see past all those worries, to the way her heart would swell when she saw her family's photos. 

She trusted me to see exactly what she sees every day - the chaos, the beauty, and the love in raising four little ones.

And just as importantly, she trusted her children to be themselves - kind, funny, creative, and connected - without directing them to do or be anything else.

The result?

A beautiful gallery of photographs - and a film - depicting a typical Saturday morning in this phase of their lives. Photos that show her children's personalities, the way she and her husband, James, love their family, and the way these years feel. Photos her family will treasure for a lifetime.

If this experience speaks to you, reach out to me or request our family session guide below. Let's make this happen for you, too.

See their FAMILY FILM.